Fundraising Masterclass + Dash to Investability Course
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Fundraising Masterclass + Dash to Investability Course

Become a fundraising pro

Language: English

$2300 including VAT

About this course

The only class you need to take on fundraising.

Learn how to get investors on your side. From acing investor meetings to valuing your startup, get all the insider tricks you need to fundraise.

Serial entrepreneur and investor Nikhil Madan will guide you through our Dash to Investability course and take you step by step through the process of building an investable business and not only enable you to convince investors but also build a successful company.

60+ years of entrepreneurial experience from serial entrepreneurs and investors is distilled into this one course. Avoid the pitfalls and challenges most founders face and fall over with and succeed with your startup.

Package Contents

Dash to investability
Fundraising Masterclass
Nikhil Madan

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We help startups raise capital and enable investors to capture investment signals in time while managing the deal flow.





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