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Learn how to fundraise

From acing investor meeting to valuing your startup, get all the insider tips you need to fundraise.

Are you raising capital?

Fundraising is a long and tedious process that usually takes 6-9 months and requires both data and discipline. Building a business that can raise funding is one thing, being able to build a narrative to investors that leads to closing a deal is another. The Dash to investability course is designed for aspiring entrepeneurs and early-stage startups needing help on building their business as well as for more experienced founders in fundraising mode.

Why this course?

There are many courses out there who teach fundraising. But startup founders still struggle when investors throw a curve ball at you. Not Anymore! Dash to investability is a 77-step course is specially designed exactly with that situation in mind.

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5 minutes a day

You spend 5 minutes a day or 50, your choice, how deep you want to dive.

Internalize and act

This course is action oriented. One curve ball question per day.

Learning by doing

There are pro-tips, guidelines, assignments, and action templates to work on.

What you get




Action templates


Immersive learning

Bundle offer

Get the bundle of the Dash to investability and pitching preparation course with additional templates for just $1500, so that you can prepare your funding round.

To supercharge your fundraising, build relations with investors and secure funding for your startup, join our DueDash Investor Relations platform*.



Get techniques to increase your valuation


"Thanks indeed for the lessons, they just gave me some missing points to my project. I deal with majorly big companies.
Before, I start pitching I want to thank you for this" 

Joel Muleria, Founder JM Structuring

I came across the video series on "How to pitch to Investors". This would be really helpful for any startup fundraising. I highly recommend it. Learn the fundamentals of fundraising."

 Murlidharan Gopalakrishnan, Founder BioAssistant

We help startups raise capital and enable investors to capture investment signals in time while managing the deal flow.





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